Saturday, February 11, 2012

Can you tell me any better software than google earth in which we can see the live pictures of earth?

Depends what you are looking for.

Try the following website.|||There is no other better thing .|||There are no live pictures of earth from any satellite except for the weather satellites.|||try these link|||There are currently no programs that allow you to see live pictures of earth as to my understanding of what you want available to the public...not even google earth does that. MSN has a map service similar to google earth. But in my opinion it doesn't work as well. Its msn live maps.||||||There are no live pictures of earth anywhere on the web. The pictures are photographs taken from space over the last 5 years. The reason there are no live pictures is that it would be too expensive to place a satellite into space that just transmitted back live pictures. There must be a scientific or economic reason to launch a satellite, and beaming back live pictures is neither scientific nor economical.|||Alternative to Google Earth is 'World Wind' from NASA. It is free to use and apart from the earth, other planets like Moon, Mars etc can also be viewed.


SSJ|||Well, As a whole program to view the whole Earth, Google Earth is the best. As for Zooming in on areas, I am fond of Mapquests Aerial Views.|||you could always pay for the upgraded version of Google Earth

Google Earth Help?

Someone told me that google earth is live now. and that you can litterally see something happen live. but i download a version and it does not seem live what am i doing wrong?|||No, it's not live. And it cannot be for the time being. We would need a few million satellites to monitor everything live. Not to mention the torrent of data that would be flooding Google's servers.

Can you have Google Earth where you accually SEE people at the moment?

I heard awhile back that you could have Google Earth and look at someones house and if they walked out then you could see them right then, is that right? I just wanna stalk my friends and freak them out hehe. But really, I downloaded Google Earth and it's a horrible picture. Plus I live in Tennessee so I was KINDA hoping that I could see all the storm that is going on.|||The others are talking about Google Maps. You are talking about Google Earth. No, you can't see in real time. The satellite photos were pieced together over a period of time. Figure that at any given moment, half of the earth is dark and at least a quarter of the earth is covered in clouds. So they piece together photos from clear days. And as for stalking your friends, there are laws about that. Grow up.|||no. and also it isn't all one instant photo. google has people who drive through areas and they have a sphere shaped camera taking photos like every 20 yards on the vehicle. Your aerial photos are satellite but the ground ones are taken from ground level.|||no sorry u can not do that every so often a google earth car/van/truck drives all around with a 360 degree camera on top of the vehicle snapping pics constantly as it drives around (if your lucky you will see it around the middle of each month)|||If Google puts cameras on every street in the world then yes!

How can i explore the earth using internet and satellite?

im just wonderin if there is anyway to explore the earth using my internet connection then connect to a satellite... what i mean is just like exploring the earth using Google Earth or Live.Local.Com.|||try googleEarth|||GEarth would be the best 2 use

Is this true about Google Earth?

tell me is this true that we can see live earth by Google earth?is there any version of live goole earth? if there is then tell me how can i download and use it plz|||no, there is no "live" version of google earth, the program works by taking still photographs via satellite and stitching them together to create the illusion of a world. The reasons these pictures sometimes appear to change is that they are occasionally updated, or supplemented by aerial photographs. I think NASA may have some kind of "live" satellite stream (im not sure), but this is just showing the latest photos, and you cannot control the camera.

Hope this helps|||You mean actually the earth being filmed and live transmitted from the sat elites?

No, that's not how google earth is made.

They make some by satelite and most by those big planes which come over really low and they take the pictures of popular areas like Amsterdam and Lille.

And the 3D google earths are made by those little black cars with the cameras on top.

Would be a bit of a privacy breaker, filming people live.|||Of course not - that would cost an astronomical amount of money to maintain.

Every so often (sometimes as long as 7 or more years), GE will update certain regions at a time. When I looked at my neighborhood recently through Google Earth I found that it was from at least 2002 or prior. Not very reliable with how many changes have occurred since in my town, which is why I don't see a use for it.|||well first of all if you mean being able to so the earth in the time stretch (as in going through the day) then you are right and as for the version it is 5.1|||Sorry it's not live. The pictures are from Satellite possibly maybe a year old. Sorry|||No it's not. You can only view photos that are generally a year or more old.|||LOL, no, its not live.|||

Is there any way of seeing actual live satelite feed on the internet?

Like a live Google Earth?|||Sure, if you want to pay NASA $1K per minute to use one of their satellites?

If you get in touch with the Russian space agency, they might cut you a deal on the use of one of their satellites.|||i highly doubt it.... ive always wanted one. I guess the closest you can get to is a webcam.

:-D|||You can enjoy live video from the space station which often includes shots of the earth when the SS folks are busy. Unfortunately I've lost the URL, but just do a Google on space station live video That should do it.

I want to see live view of my house in punjab. I have google earth but it is not good.?

I don't know how much the weather effects the quality of images when the earth is being photographed. Cloudy days would not help..

Are you sure you have thee latest version 4.2 as it is always good to keep up to date with software for better features.|||International laws prohibit any LIVE views for regular citizens. Only government entities have access to live pictures. Google earth is around 2 years old for images.|||You can want but you can't get.

Google maps / google earth uses satellite pictures that can be several years old. The only people with access to the live satellites are the owners / the military and they don't give this data away for free.

And anyway, a satellite probably moves over the earth so it is only over your house occasionally - once a day maybe. You'd need a geosynchronous satellite over the Punjab with a camera... and AFAIK that doesn't exist.

Maybe you could get a tall pole and put a webcam on it?|||Live views of propery from satalites is not permitted under international communication laws, that is why most pics you see are over 3 months old, that, however does not stop you hacking into a NASA satalite, just don't get caught.|||Try this site, but sorry dude, they don't allow enlarge the image after certain point due to security purpose.